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Blue's doodles


Commission for wulv-exo as a surprise gifty to bluedemon00 <3

Big ol’ lugia hugging her from behind, with belly rubs from those large wing hands! Her tail flame has gone pink, which I think is an adorable lil trait <3

Oh my gosh!! Just look at how precious these two are! Oh gosh, thank you Tartii! I love this so much and it made my morning seeing it! I can’t get over how you draw Charit, I absolutely love her in your style! And Ark! Just ah! Thank you so much Tartii! And you too Wulv ;v; I really love this!


Been a while since I’ve drawn this booger

My dragon OC Pumpkin with updated anatomy so she looks less like a pear with a giant head xD Wanna doodle more of her n perhaps work on her older design in the future.

Your making me wanna draw Smore~

Little doodle I wanted to finish~ Balto was the one who taught Charit how to use Will-o-Wisp and Shadow Claw, wasn’t easy and she ended up inflicting burn on him a lot trying to get the hang of it~

Sketch commission for Deej~! Also a little surprise for V and Wulv! Deej, Vchu, Ark, and Charit all startled by a jump scare. What game they’re playing is up to you~

Hm, somewhat accurate~ this thing if you wanna try it


Hey peeps, sorry I’ve been gone off the earth for so long. Things haven’t been real great for me as of late. My grandpa passed away, financial problems, trying to find a job, and now my cat’s cancer is coming back and there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m trying to keep my chin up but it’s really hard…

I still find time to doodle every now and then, though. Pictured left to right Dante (Blue’s dragon), Apophis, and Fulmine. I had real fun with these I might start offering them for some treasure on FR when I have the time.

Wildclaw, Imperial, and Coatl designs belong to Flight Rising.

Umf yes Dante bby~!

Don’t worry babu, thing’s will get better. Just gotta keep trying

If I get shy enough I’ll turn pink from blushing so hard…

She’ll also chirp Wanted to doodle another, couldn’t resist~

"I like to rip the souls out of Pokemon just cause I can (I put them back when told however…)"

I wanted to doodle a poke shame plus I like to pick on my little imp, heh~

Do you do rps...? I just wanna snuggle with the char x3

I do from time to time but rarely~ XD

How are you today?

Pretty good, waiting for the heat to die down some~ what about you~?