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Blue's doodles

In a bit of a painting mood so decided to finish this~

Doodles I did a bit ago of Volk, randomly wanted to draw her in stockings~






No, I have every right to call you out for this. Because I am a nice person I am blocking out your name so that you won’t be grilled for this. However, what you are doing is very immature and very uncalled for…you’re 25? Because I feel like you are acting much, much younger. 

An artist has every right to refuse a request to draw. Especially from random people who try to put on a good face so that they can draw something for you and basically use one’s artistic talent for their own needs. I draw random characters of my friends because I care a lot about them and even if I didn’t want to draw them I know that they would back me up in a heartbeat and say that it is fine.

You say not to call you out in public because it leads to negative encounters with your friends. How do you think I feel when you do this to me? How do you think I feel when you want to threaten to unfollow me because I refuse to draw your character? You think too much about yourself and not about the artist who supposedly even wants to fulfill a request like yours.

Which leads me to my next point about how you don’t even care about the artist here. At least when I request that people draw my character I am niceabout it and realize the fact that yes, artists have busy lives they lead. I don’t badger them and make a fuss when they don’t want to draw my OCs. Asking for an artist’s time for free is liking talking to any full-time working person for their free time. It’s going up to anyone and saying, “Hello, I want you to do something and spend your time on me but I don’t want to pay you for it at all.” At least have decency if you want to ask someone to draw something for you.

Again, I am a nice person and I am not going to give out your name. I just want my friends to know that there are people like you out there who are merely after people’s art talents and not for the person themselves. I hope you learn from this and build from what I have said because I guarantee you this is not the way that you make friends…at least in the small Tumblr community I am a part of. Have a nice day.


I think you should have left his name in.

He randomly pmed me in notes so I deleted it. It was…uncomfortable..

i wish you would of let his name in…we could of done something about this “/

Some people are so pathetic

Bwah, been feeling sick today and rather tired. Laughed a little at myself the other day while visiting my mamow in the hospital, my aunt found I had grey hairs. Told her I’m not the least bit surprised I have them, stress does that. 

So far my mamow is doing fine, though she gave us a heart attack having to be moved to the ICU. Worrying about her might be the reason I’m not sleeping so well lately.

Just wanted to ramble a bit before I head off to try and snooze a bit.

Random urge to draw a tiny chunky Sableye with Balto, I’m keeping him and naming him Opal! Maybe, I’m bad with names

I’m feeling so much better now thanks to my friends ;v; thank you all..! I really needed the cheering up~

You’re going to be alright ;u; we’re all here for you, Blue~

I…I’m at a lose of words ;v; I teared up again seeing this! Happy tears Ahh! Thank you so much Deej, I really appreciate this and everyone whose there for me, it means so much and I can’t thank you all enough~<33

can you do another pillbug :D


snakebehindyou21 said: can you doodle a porygon z?


Think I’ll doodle some more, distract myself