} // ]]> Blue's doodles
Blue's doodles

If I get shy enough I’ll turn pink from blushing so hard…

She’ll also chirp Wanted to doodle another, couldn’t resist~

"I like to rip the souls out of Pokemon just cause I can (I put them back when told however…)"

I wanted to doodle a poke shame plus I like to pick on my little imp, heh~

Do you do rps...? I just wanna snuggle with the char x3

I do from time to time but rarely~ XD

How are you today?

Pretty good, waiting for the heat to die down some~ what about you~?

Just a little sore, still healing from surgery. But I've been meeting some really nice people today! Like you, and dawn-silver-wing! Also, can i hug you :D

Oh gosh surgery? D: You be sure to take it easy then ;v; 

You’re making me blush~ XD *holds open arms for a hug* Course you can ‘w’

*sits on my haunches and waves* ovo your really cute

*waves back* Hehe thank you~ o//v//o

How are you today~? c:

Hi :3

Hello c:

Hello there, someone just told me you were cool. :D so i thought i would say hello))

Oh gosh, hello there ;v; hehe~

Hehe It's okay, I missed talking to you btw *huggles*

Aw shucks ;v; *huggles back* It has been a good while since the last time we spoke~ XD

I've been okay too haha, you still hanging about on skype?

On and off really, hehe~ ;v;